How To Make Your Own Artificial Bonsai Tree Using Cheap Materials

Artificial bonsais are popular alternative for real indoor bonsai trees; they’re beautiful, intricately designed and look very realistic, making any indoor corner more attractive. Not to mention they don’t need any special maintenance and care to keep them alive and beautiful.

artificial bonsai tree

artificial bonsai tree by Bonsai Boy. Image from Amazon

Artificial bonsai trees however, can be very expensive, especially those that are made with very high craftsmanship. As a matter of fact, sometimes, they’re almost as expensive as their natural and real counterparts. However, you don’t have to spend big money on this, as you can always make artificial bonsai tree yourself.

Here’s how you can make an artificial bonsai tree using cheap materials:

Bonsai trees are really cool to decorate at home, but it needs lot of patience to grow one. So it is better to have an artificial one so that you don’t have to water it every day or take extra care. You can just make it and keep it any where in your home. Just a few hours of work and then a beautiful bonsai will be ready for you.

Step 1

Take a stiff card board sheet and cut it into an oval shape to create the base. Now you can easily paste your tree on it.

Step 2

Take a news paper and roll it into a tube and cut the edges so that you can paste it on to the card board piece. Stick it firmly so that it won’t tilt to one side.

Step 3

Wrap more newspaper around the actual tube on the card board. Leave the extra paper to use them as branches. Use glue and/or tape to reinforce the structure. After pasting it looks like this.

Step 4

Mix the glue mixture; add one portion of glue to two portions of water. Apply the mixture on the news paper.

Read the full steps of making your own artificial bonsai tree here.

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